Introducing Your Dog To Other Dogs CALMLY WHEN On Leash Walking

An issue that many dog walkers have is how to introduce another dog to your dog. Both dogs are on a leash.

Any breed, big or small like a Great Dane to a Chihuahua are capable of getting extremely excited, to Dog Pulling Leashthe point where you think they may even explode. I am sure that you have experienced walking along nicely, until another dog is on the scene, and all of a sudden you are being pulled full speed towards that dog. Like water skiing behind your dog. This can feel very scary, be dangerous for tripping and falling, it is embarrassing and leaves your dog in full control.

So Is This Aggression Or Is It Pure Excitement?

It is not always easy to interpret your dog’s feelings and intentions. They could be feeling both stress and excitement at the same time. There are two potential problems here.

1 – How is the other dog behaving, if it is calm, you could be frightening the dog and the owner,

1 – If the other dog is just as excited, there could be potential problems.

Have you ever experienced that… another dog comes tearing towards you and your dog on leash, and the other dog is barking, and even the eyes bulging. It is a very scary feeling indeed.

So how can you avoid this situation? I shall tell you about three different options you have, and you shall have an easy, and a basic solution.

First, there really are only 3 options for you to choose from. Second, you must be the pack leader, and your dog must know it.

1- Approaching Another Dog. Your dog is nice and calm, and you can easily approach the other dog on a leash. And yes, this will be the ultimate goal.

Very important also is, you must be calm, try and stay out of the meeting, let the dogs get to know each other. Your being calm is a very important part of this scenario.

2. You have the option to stay away, and decide you do NOT want these dogs to meet. This could be for any number of reasons… the other dog is too excited, the other dog owner is nervous, afraid. These are just two reasons, but follow your gut! If you feel it will not turn out good, don’t meet.

And, one more reason is that your dog learns that he will not be able to meet and play with every single dog on your walk. This is also important.

3. Calm your dog down, training to keep your dog “cool” is very important. You may want to teach your dog to be calm, before you teach him how to meet other dogs.

So, what is a right option here for you, for me?

Actually, all three are right, and should be used at that particular time.

The younger the dog, the more playful, excited, so the more calming they may need.

The very necessary point is: You must be the pack leader, and your dog must know that. Learning Doggy Dan’s five Golden Rules of becoming the Pack Leader will give you the assurance that you are in charge and you dog is looking up to you and respecting you for all the decision making. Visit Doggy Dan’s video website here to learn how to become the Pack Leader

The Big Mistake NOT To Make

That is to reward your dog’s bad behavior. If your dog is crazy excited, will not listen to you, and you take them to meet the other dog, you are rewarding his behavior, which is not good at this time. You will start to have a permanent problem is you do not manage it now!

All dogs are able to be trained to remain calm. It takes commitment, and time and love on your part.

Learn more about the 5 Golden Rules of Becoming The Pack Leader


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