Why the RSPCA Needs Your Help this Winter

When you think of the winter months, you probably think about having to de-ice your car window in the mornings, or of how much your fuel bill is going to be.  You might think of how expensive Christmas is going to be this year or how many people you will be cooking for.  For charities, though, the winter months bring extra expenses and fewer donations and their concerns and efforts are focused on helping those who are in the greatest need.flea protection for your pets

The RSPCA has established its Choices fundraising site to set out different projects that they hope members of the public will fund.  Anyone can choose to make a donation to a particular project or to carry out a fundraising event in support of that project. Each project has a target amount overall which is often in the thousands of pounds, but within each project there are smaller targets that can be achieved with every donation.

Their projects fall into broad categories of ‘animals’ (from which there is a range of projects to choose, such as rehoming cats or rescuing wildlife), ‘our work’, ‘people’, ‘locations’ and ‘greatest need’.  You can browse through their projects and choose the one you would most like to support or you can create your own project.  Their latest project campaign is called ‘Everyday Heroes’ and aims to make people aware of just how difficult it is to work as an RSPCA Inspector.

best cat foodThe RSPCA is authorised by law to bring criminal prosecutions against people who are abusing or neglecting animals and Inspectors often have to approach potentially violent people.  A person who thinks that it is acceptable to abuse an animal is unlikely to think twice about abusing an Inspector.  As well as witnessing the effect of abuse and neglect on animals, RSPCA Inspectors tolerate a lot of abuse and even violence just for doing their jobs.

If you make a donation to this important cause, you can pay for Inspectors to carry on their vital work and to attend Conflict Management Courses to help them do their job safely.

Or you could make a more general donation to the RSPCA to cover the extra costs that the winter brings.  As in our own homes, the RSPCA centres have to pay higher fuel and energy bills over winter to keep the animals warm.  The RSPCA also receives extra calls for help during this season from people who feel that they can no longer afford to care for their pets.  Unfortunately, despite many well-advertised campaigns advising against doing so, many people still buy family pets for Christmas and many of these are abandoned or given to the RSPCA before spring.

Please consider making a donation to the RSPCA this winter and making a difference to the animals and to the staff who work so hard to protect, nurture and care for animals in need.



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