Be The Pack Leader Your Dog Wants And Needs You To Become

This post is to bring up two very important points, and if you just got a new “Christmas” puppy, it’s very important to know these… walking my 3 dogs

The first point:  Do you really have to become a pack leader to your dog, or dogs?  Really?

And, the second point is:  Do you have to become aggressive toward your dog in order to become a pack leader?

Is it necessary that you should beat your dog, shout and scream at your dog, berate your dog, or worse, even kick your dog?

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dog obedience trainingThe answer to these very important questions will mean the difference in what kind of a relationship you have with your dog, and what kind of life your dog will have with you.

So, Question number one…do you really need to become a pack leader?
OK, So Let Us Look At Some Facts:
Dogs are, by nature, pack animals.  You can see that even by just watching them play, socialize, interact among themselves. When there are more than one dog, there is a leader, a boss, and a follower. This is how dogs behave.  And it works.

The leader of the pack makes the decisions, and the followers, well…they follow. Out in the wild, in nature, dogs are Online Dog Trainer Doggy Danpack animals and live as pack animals.  They are descended from the wolves, which are also pack animals.

And what people do not think about is, that in your home, your dog is “in a pack”, and he is looking either for a pack leader, or to be a pack leader.

And, your dog does look to everyone, and every pet in your household as “his pack”.  Depending on your dog breed, and the personality of your dog, some families are very lucky to have a dog that is extremely easy to please and fits easy into family life.

Maybe you know families like this, their dog is so easy going, so calm, and so behaved, and you mumble under your breath because you still have some problems with your dog’s behavior. Well, some breeds, and even within a breed some dogs are just much easier to train than others. But, in the same breed you can have those stubborn ones that want to be the boss.

And sometimes, these owners will give lots of advice on how they trained their dog to be this way, and yet many of these owners were just lucky to have a “naturally behaved follower” dog. But, you may have a difficult, very smart and very driven dog.  It really helps if you know what you are doing, and it is very important that this dog sees you and your family as the boss.

But, there is good news, Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer can help you right from the start.  Wether you have a new puppy, or even if you have adopted, or rescued a new dog in the family (like we did years ago).
So, if you are starting out, or, if you have an unruly dog that you wish was better behaved, Doggy Dan CAN help you achieve that.

But, before we get to the solution, lets go to question number 2…  Do you have to be aggressive to be the pack leader?
NO!  A leader is calm, the leader is consistent and the leader is persistent. As a pack leader you need to be firm, but fair, and never do you need to, or shout you: scream, hit, kick, hurt your dog in any way.  This is old schooling and only puts fear in your dog.

And, many owners, or some owners make their dog fear them so much, they may even become aggressive.
The best dog trainer is the one who has learned how to win their dogs mind in a very calm, gentle way.  Not through fear.  This will make an amazing family dog, and a companion and friend for life.

By us learning how our dogs mind works, we are able to communicate to them in a WAY THEY UNDERSTAND what we want from them.  It makes sense that in order to follow our commands, they first have to understand the command.

So, become the pack leader today, now.  With a new dog, an adult dog, or a family dog that hasn’t learned good behavior yet.

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