To Neuter Or Not To Neuter Your Dog? Why Yes Or No?

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Entire Dog: means not neutered or docked (removal of part of the tail).

There are issues for owners if they do not neuter their dogs, here is a list of a few of the major ones.

1. Aggression-This is a big one

An entire male dog will have more aggression issues, especially with another male dog. And if both dogs are entire dogs, that could mean double the trouble. Interesting to know that male (humans) will actual abstain for periods of time so they can become more aggressive.  It builds up the testosterone levels.

2. Leaving Their Mark…Marking

Entire dogs will mark much more, both inside and outside then will neutered dogs. Neutering will help your dog to lifts his leg less frequently.

3. Female Dog In Heat In Neighbourhood

If there should be an enticing female dog in heat anywhere within the range of your dog’s nose, watch out, it will be very difficult to keep him from escaping.

4. Dog Day Care / Doggy Sitting

Many dog day care places or dog sitters will not allow entire dogs. This is because of all of the above.

6. And Last, Not Least:  Stop Unwanted And Stray Puppies

There are already too many unwanted dogs.  Stop increasing this number

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