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Playing Fetch With Your Dog, Dog Training Tips

ballplayingdog Playing Fetch With Your Dog, Dog Training TipsI had a black lab who absolutely loved chasing a ball, to the point of obsession.  And, she always brought it back to me so I could throw it again. My golden retriever on the other hand, loves for me to throw the ball, chases it, but never brings it back. 

So even for the game of fetch, some dogs need to be taught that fetch means bring the ball back :) If you are patient in teaching your dog, you can teach it to bring back the ball.

Get your dog excited

First of all, this is one of the times to actually get your dog excited. Normally we don’t encourage extreme excitement, but, for fetch it helps. One way to get your dog excited is to make sure you are excited yourself.  And, Never chase your dog.

Dogs just love the game of being chased.  They love to run away from you, knowing you are chasing him.

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Control the environment

One way to encourage your dog to return your ball is to have a long line attached to your dog, and then gently bring him back once he has the ball in his mouth. It’s one way,


When you are near enough to your dog with the ball in his mouth, have a treat ready for him.   Soon they will catch on that a treat for a ball is well worth the trade.

Not Interested?

Well, some breeds of dog are more interested in fetch than others.  My labs always loved to play fetch.  And, fetch is a great way to exercise your dog.  But, if your dog is not interested, well, find another way to play.  After all, play is for fun!  For your dog.

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