Dog Treats For Dog Training Can Be A Powerful Tool

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If your dog is like my dog, I have a golden retriever, then you know that food can be a very powerful tool. Food to a dog, at least most dogs, is kind of like you receiving a paycheck or even a bonus, and we know how strong a motivator  that can be?

If you are NOT using food and treats, you might be missing out on the most powerful training tool available to you.
There are many misconceptions about using food and treats to train your dog, and Doggy Dan addresses those on his blog.
For instance:  Why do I need to motivate my dog? Well, why not.  We all need incentives, rewards, as I said earlier, for us the biggest motivator is money, for a dog, it’s treats.

So will my dog only pay attention for food?
No, because treats are not used ALL the time. At the beginning of training, or when your dog is a puppy,  yes you use them more often.
The dog, as it grows both in training and age, will get rewarded with treats only sometimes, and somtimes with a pat on the head, a kind word.

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  1. Wes says

    Do you have any advice for a 12-13 year old Pug who lost her hearing about 7 years ago (for no apparent reason) one eye turning black due to dryness and the other one start to go blind, but it appears to be a small cataract only? I’ve been reading about Hyperbaric Changer Oxygen treatment. Any thoughts?

    • Blogger says

      No, I did have a blind dog, going deaf at the later years, but I never heard of that treatment… I don’t like oxygen treatment because it makes the “bad cells” that happen to be in the system increase as well as the good, but that’s only my opinion.

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