Naturally relieve your pet’s diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation


H2O-Ionx™ Pet Digestion and Hydration Formula

Welcome pet owners! I know that your pets (and mine, of course) are more than just animals; they’re part of our family. We want them to be well! If your furry four-legged friends are experiencing digestion problems or dehydration, there is help.

My black lab, now passed over the rainbow bridge, had a little bit of a sensitive tummy, and I wished I had known about this before… At times I would go out with her, during the night, up to 10 times. It was hard for me of course, but it was harder for her.

And my golden retriever, Nikki, after going to the dog park, which I don’t anymore, had the same issue. Once in a while, not all the time, I would spend half the night outside with her.

Many veterinarians now recognize the need for holistic treatment. Formulated to safely and naturally relieve your pet’s diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, excess flatulence and belching, H2O-IonX helps support healthy digestion and hydration, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

H2O-IonX is a proprietary liquid homeopathic medicine (FDA product listed NDC #50364-006-04) that utilizes a multi-directional process to relieve the various symptoms of your pet’s digestive problems.

Pet owners appreciate the gentle relief H2O-IonX provides without the negative side effects commonly associated with popular pet digestion medications. See why Dr. Char chooses H2O-IonX and pet parents trust H2O-IonX

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