Change Your Dog`s Potential Bad Behavior, I know How You Feel

I know that when we, as dog owners, start our journey with our dogs, we start with great anticipation of joy and fun and sharing those special “Doggy – Human” moments.

If we just got a new puppy, then things will be great for the first few months, and if we got an older dog, well, we look with anticipation that the bad habits he came with will change by being in our good environment.. By the way, I know how you feel, I did adopt an older most beautiful black lab that I needed help with, and thank God I did realize that! This picture is my beloved Shorty, the adopted dog.

Then, our little puppy changes from a lamb to a lion, sometimes overnight, sometimes it takes longer. Or, our adopted dog, well, he doesn’t change for the better quite as soon as we would like.

  Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer Approved By The SPCA

And, we start to notice, a little growl, or a barking at a passers-by. Maybe even lunging out at a bicyclist. Or, growling when someone comes too near your dog’s food.

Sad to say, some owners of small dogs seem to think this is even funny, their dog being little and aggressive. It’s not!

Any dog that shows signs of biting is potentially aggressive. You need to recognize that right away, at the beginning. Don’t make excuses for your dog because you “love” them so much. You will only be hurting him in the long run.

Secondly, a dog chasing and barking at bikes or strollers or whatever passing by is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Now! Don’t ignore it.

Unfortunately, too many people wait till things get too out of hand before they seek help.

The good news is that no matter what situation you find yourself in there is always a way to turn it around.

You CAN help your dog beat aggression, bad behaviour, right at the beginning, and, if you have an older dog, or ignored your dog’s problems, you can still help them.

I think every dog deserves a chance. A chance to be taught, to be trained, to be shown the right way to exist and behave in your life.

So no matter how depressed you are right now with your situation, no matter how many things you have tried, keep the faith and choose
to believe that there is a way forward. Do it for YOUR sake and sanity, and for your precocious dog’s sanity and wellbeing,

Love your dog, keep at it, and never give up. Be persistent, and check out

Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer Approved By The SPCA

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