My Two Passions, Health and Pets - About Pet Therapy

Doing Therapy Dog Work is one of the most rewarding activities I can do with my dogs. Pet Health Care And Training And Adoption are my other Passions

My dogs: Duke my blind dog, Nikki my golden puppy, and Ben, my 4 year black lab.Nikki and Ben are Certified Therapy Dogs, visiting 2 different nursing homes. (Benny and Dukie have crossed their own rainbow bridge)


Therapeutic Paws of Canada


Both My Dogs Are Therapy Dogs, belonging to

Therapeutic Paws of Canada

My dog and I like to walk and roam,
But the best place to go is a senior's home.
Their eyes light up when I say
"I have brought my dog to visit today".
Talking and petting all the while,
Makes me feel good when they start to smile.
My dog gets hugs and attention galore,
But also provides so much more.
Putting smiles on faces when there was none,
Now I know our job is done.

By: Leona Stratford, Team Leader Brantford